Meet Jenny!

Here's the spiel she gives everybody when they ask for a bio:

Jennifer Rogers Spinola is a native of the American South who recently relocated to the U.S. with her Brazilian husband, Athos, and sons Ethan and Seth. She has lived in Brazil for nearly eight years and served as a Baptist missionary to Japan for two years. Jenny is the author of Barbour Books' "Southern Fried Sushi" series, "Yellowstone Memories" (a novella collection about Yellowstone National Park) and an upcoming romance novella set on the Bozeman Trail from Wyoming to Montana in 1865 (also with Barbour Books). 

Jenny is an advocate for adoption and loves the outdoors, photography, writing, and camping. She has previously served as a newspaper correspondent, ESL teacher, a middle- and high-school teacher, staff writer and contributor for various publications and agencies (including the Southern Baptist International Mission Board), and as a National Park Service volunteer. 

Jenny is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, International Christian Fiction Writers, and has a Goodreads page.

But here's some stuff you probably didn't know:

* Her WRITING was possibly the first thing to ever get her in trouble. Really. Her biggest vice, at age 4 and 5, was writing on the walls in (gasp) crayon. Not only did she write her name, but when confronted, blamed it on her then newborn baby sister. Oh, the sin nature we so glibly attribute only to adults! If her mom knew one day Jenny would be published, would she still make her scrub those crayon marks off the walls with soap and a cloth? Yep. She would. (If you're not sure what a sin nature is, or if you have one, open the Bible and read the book of Matthew or John).

Here she is now, probably plotting her next write-a-thon...

* She served as a short-term missionary to Sapporo, Japan, on the northern island of Hokkaido, with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. Sapporo regularly gets around 20 feet of snow a year. Her favorite thing was cherry and plum blossoms in the spring, and her least favorite was fermented squid intestines. No, seriously. You can find some of her Japan photos at  Jenny in Japan. The others were lost when she accidently dumped a glass of water on her laptop keyboard and fried it. (I'm not making this up).

* She plays the violin. I didn't say how well.

* Jenny loves the South. She was born in South Carolina, where you can buy all kinds of illegal fireworks, and grew up in rural Virginia. She was raised on grits, cornbread, chicken hearts and gizzards, and keeps a container of bacon grease in the fridge. (Really!) She not only knows what NASCAR is, but actually used to have a favorite driver. Since he retired, she's not sure who to pick.

* After reading that, please keep in mind that Jenny 1) does not have a mullet, 2) does not chew tobacco, and 3) does not have a Southern accent. She has never worn cowboy boots, ever, or driven a jacked-up truck.

* She is not married to her cousin. Or any other close relative.

* She fell in love with Brazil and Brazilians in 2000 on a reporting trip with the International Mission Board, and after a two-year hiatus in Japan, met a dazzling Brazilian law/politics student named Athos. And... well, found her way back to Brazil.

* She has a stash of hot peppers and hot sauces that should have warning labels. (Actually one does). Ask her about the time her spicy curry nearly gave an elderly Japanese woman a heart attack. (She asked, okay? And she was warned!)

* Jenny once interviewed Bob Keeshan, late actor who played "Captain Kangaroo" in the kids' TV series when she worked for OnSat TV and Satellite Guide. She also remembers seeing him on TV, which gives away a little too much about her age.

* One of the best times in her life was a one-month tent camping, manual labor volunteer trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with minimal showering (!)

* During their Brazil years, Jenny and Athos loved being members of International Baptist Church of Brasilia, an English-speaking church where they've met friends from India, Indonesia, Botswana, Nigeria, Japan, South Korea, Ghana, Canada, England, and of course, the U.S. and Brazil.

* Read more at Glimpses - Jenny's family blog!