Captured moments

How quickly the moments pass - how the slant of the sun changes - little eyelashes, joyful smiles, ridiculous chatter, "I can do it myself!" - naps and snacks, baths and picking up crumbs off the kitchen, pretending to play the flute with a toothbrush, kisses on a sweet, strawberry-blond baldish baby head.

Store these up, my friend, and write them. On your paper, on your computer screen, on your heart.

They stretched out on the blanket for a quick picture, and Seth reached over and grabbed at Ethan's shirt. Ethan took his hand with his beautiful, proud "big brother" smile - totally uncoached by us - and Athos snapped the moment into two-dimensional color.

Whatever it is, do like Mary the mother of Jesus - and "ponder these things in your heart."

I have never been so happy.


  1. LOVE your books, Jenny! Keep up the wonderful work! :)

    xo, Victoria